2012 D1 Elite HS NCAA Certified Event

D1 Elite High School NCAA Certified Event held in Pleasant Prairie, WI on July 13-15, 2012

A recruiters dream, state of art facility with 8 courts filled with top notch players. The D1 Elite was a big TIME event! Media services line up across the gym along with major college coaches filling the sidelines.

The D1 Elite High School NCAA certified event was loaded with talent! Teams traveled as far as Puerto Rico, Canada, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois & Wisconsin. The 2013 class dazzled the Friday night crowd with dunks and just good basketball. These young men definitely prove that they came to play and get the exposure they deserved.

Head College Coaches in Attendance were Tom Izzo (Michigan State), Bruce Webster (Kansas State), Bryce Drew (Valpo), Buzz Williams (Marquette) Craig Robinson (Oregon State), John Beilein, (University of Michigan), Archie Miller (University of Dayton) Porter Moser (Loyola), Matt Painter (Purdue), Mark Montgomery (NIU) just to name a few major colleges and universities.