Nike Spring Showdown Alumni

Nike Spring Showdown Alumni are some Big Names

Here are some big name players that have attended the Nike Spring Showdown. Why would you want to be anywhere else? We have  big name colleges attending our event. If you attended the Nike Spring Showdown and we do not have you listed please let us know. Click Here.

Nike Spring Showdown Alumni anthony davis

Tyler Wideman Wayneblackshear2


Nike Spring
Showdown Alumni
University Alumni Attends
 Anthony Davis  Kentucky University – NBA New Orleans Hornets
 Jabari Parker  Duke University
 Jahlil Okafor  Duke University
 Cliff Alexander  Kansas University
 Tyler Ulis  University of Kentucky
 Paul White   Georgetown
 Victor Law  Northwestern
 Khalil Small     Wisconsin – Green Bay
 Miles Reynolds  St. Louis
 Edwin McGhee   DePaul University
 Jamee Crockett   DePaul University
 Peter Ryckbosch  DePaul University
 Dave Sobolewski  Northwestern University
Nathan Taphorn  Northwestern University
 Devin Davis     University of Indiana
 Zak Irvin    Michigan University
 Zack Norvell   Memphis University
 Quentin Sniders   University of Louisville
 Wayne Blackshear   University of Louisville
 Riley Lachance    Vanderbilt
 Jayquan Mccloud   Murray State
 Maurice Kirby   Virginia Tech
 Mike Latulip  University of Illinois
 Patric Ingram   Iowa
 Jay Simpson  Purdue University
 Ronnie Johnson  Purdue University
 Dorsey Walker   Iowa State
 Darrel Johnson  Kansas State University
 Michael Orris   Kansas State
 Jamal Williams  Texas Tech
 Jamal Dantzler  Texas Pan American
 Daris Paul   Western Michigan
 AJ Avery       Western Michigan
 Sterling Brown  SMU
 Paris Lee    Illinois State
 AJ Hammons   Purdue University
 Sam Thompson    Ohio State
 Trey McDonald   Ohio State
 Donte Thomas     Bradley University
 Tyler Wideman  Butler University
 Ben Richardson   Loyola Chicago
 Noah Knight     UMKC
 Lourawls Nairn  Michigan State
 Fred VanVleet   Wichita State
 Trey Lyes     University of Kentucky
 Edmond Sumner  Xaiver
 Kenny Carpenter    Cleveland State
 Sandy Cohen     Marquette University
 Jae’sean Tate       Ohio State
 Javon Bess  Michigan State
 Shemar Waugh  Ohio Dominican
 Vincent Edwards  Purdue
 Jamari Traylor    University of Kansas
 Kameran Madison   University of Kansas
 Tommy Hamilton IV    Depaul University
 Myke Henry   DePaul University
 DeJuan Marrero   DePaul University
 Milton Doyle   Loyola Chicago
 Tony Nixon   Loyola Chicago
 Tanner Williams    Loyola Chicago
 Jeff White  Loyola Chicago
 London Dokubo  Loyola Chicago
 Drew Crawford  Northwestern University