Aug 8 - Aug 9

Mamba Army Camp Series-Chicago

Schedule posted on Aug 20 after 11PM

Where Only the Elite Players Play!

Getting College EXPOSURE or the Best AAU and NCCA Season Prep

Playing Among Peers

East vs West Camp

We bring the most elite basketball athletes from across the country to compete against the best of the best. No other basketball camp allows you to qualify to play in an elite All Star Game at a major university. Why go anywhere else?

youth basketball Camp

College Exposure

Some of our camps bring College coaches. You get top Division I and Division II college exposure. Show off your skills while also learning new ones. Get recognized, get nationally ranked and get offers. 

elite basketball camp college exposure prep

Baylor Youth is planning the addition of several basketball camps this year.


Baylor Basketball Camps Photos

Play with your peers, with the elite. The slideshow above shows only a few college coaches from a few of our events.

Are You The Best ? Then Prove It!


Baylor Basketball

Meet Our Trainers

Baylor Basketball Camps are taught by two premier basketball training leaders in the Midwest. Matt Miller and Shon Bolden have personal experience playing on college basketball teams and coaching. Matt Miller was also a professional basketball player. They each now own their own elite youth training basketball companies.

Every year they bring their immense skill set and experience to our youth basketball camps to help girls and boys get college exposure or be better prepared for the AAU Basketball Tournament and NCAA Certified Event seasons.