chicago summer jam Attachment 4 (1)

chicago summer jam Attachment 4 (1)Daniel Burfurd 2018 F Bolingbrook/Hoopers BC

Burford doesn’t pass the look test, but boy is he a player. The 6’2 forward has a very wide body with a little excess weight and he almost looks like a way undersized center. And then he starts playing. Super high IQ player who makes the right read every time. Phenomenal passer with a knack for making great outlet passes. Rebounds well and has a nose for the ball. Glue guy with great intangibles and feel for the game. What he lacks in ability he makes up for with knowledge of the game. At one point a few D1’s in attendance kept saying ‘ I have kids on scholarship now that can’t do what this kid can do” If daniel was just 2 inches taller yikes. Some D2/high D3 will be very lucky to land him.