2015 Girls Exposure Events in March, April, July & September

2015 Girls Expsoure Basketball Events Schedule for March, April, July & September

Our exposure events draw in the most college coaches especially head college coaches in the Chicago land area! Don’t miss out on getting college exposure. We are unique in our approach. Every team is treated like an extraordinary program no matter what the talent level.  We make sure that college coaches are watching your team and you are not attending our events to just to watch college coaches watch only the top or sponsored/selected teams.

Bobbie Kelsey-Head Coach- Univesity of Wisconsin
Bobbie Kelsey-Head Coach- Univesity of Wisconsin

We bring in high to mid major Division I universities as well as D2, D3, NAIA and junior college to accommodate all levels. We care about your players getting the exposure that they deserve. We know that the traveling coach work hard to get their players the maximum amount of exposure. And we guarantee you will get the opportunity and audience of college coaches galore.

Some of the conferences that attended our events in 2014 were Big Ten, Big East, Horizon League, American Athletic Conference, SWAC, Missouri Valley, ACC, Patriot League, Atlantic 10, WAC, Summit League, West Coast, Sun Belt, SEC, Ohio Valley, Big Sky, MEAC, Mid American, Ivy League, Conference USA, Mountain West, Ohio Valley , PAC 12  and Atlantic Sun.

Below are the events you should not miss out on!

All Star Classic College Event – March 28-29, 2015
Excellent starter to evaluate what level  your team and get college exposure  with D2, D3 , NAIA and Junior Colleges in attendance.

Girls Chicago Spring Showdown – April 24-26, 2015
Division 1, 2, 3 , NAIA  college coaches in attendance – Great Spring Event to start out the 1st live period. Bringing in teams from across the country and Canada

Girls Chicago Summer Jam  – July 10-12, 2015
-Division 1, 2, 3 , NAIA  college coaches in attendance – The Best  Sizzling Summer event in Chicago!  Torch the Courts with your talent!

Terri Mitchell - Head Coach at Marquette University
Terri Mitchell – Head Coach at Marquette University

Girls Fall Exposure Event on September 26-27, 2015
The last opportunity to get college exposure  for the season! Come as a team or individually to get college exposure from major D1, D2 & NAIA college coaches.

Girls Chicago Summer Jam NCAA

The Girls Chicago Summer Jam NCAA was a HUGE success!  Quality beats Quantity!  Our events are more intimate atmosphere and the most effective. More girls receive scholarship opportunities at our events than any supposedly  big events. We brought in some of the biggest name Head College Coaches from the Big Ten, PAC 12, ACC, SEC, Big East, American Athletic Conference,, Horizon League, SWAC, Missouri Valley, WAC, Summitt League, West Coast, Sun Belt,  MEAC, , Conference  USA andOhio Valley. We brought in teams from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio.

Suzy Merchant from Michigan State @ the Girls Chicago Summer Jam
Suzy Merchant from Michigan State @ the Girls Chicago Summer Jam .

Don’t Miss Our Next event – The Girl’s Chicago College Exposure Event on September 27-28, 2014 @ the Matteson Community Center! Go to our tournament page to register!!! Click Here to Register!!






Ronald Hughey -University of Houston @ the Chicago Summer Jam
Ronald Hughey -University of Houston @ the Chicago Summer Jam








Barb Smith from Illinois State @ the Chicago Summer Jam
Barb Smith from Illinois State @ the Chicago Summer Jam








Bobby Kelsey from the University of Wisconsin @ the Girls Chicago Summer Jam
Bobby Kelsey from the University of Wisconsin @ the Girls Chicago Summer Jam

Baylor Basketball provide the most quality and professional events in the Midwest! Check Out Our Photo Gallery!








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Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Finale

The Chicago Summer Jam ended with a BANG!!! Staring at 8am on Sunday morning. Returning and new college coaches walked through the door to check out the semi and final championship. Here are the Results:

17u – 11th Grade 
Mac Irvin Fire – Champs
Howard Pulley – Runner-up

16u – 10th Grade – Plantium Bracket
Mean Streets – Champs
Michigan Playmakers – Runner-up

16u – 10th Grade – Gold Bracket
Mac Irvin Fire – Champs
D1 Manitoba/The Academy -Canada – Runner-up

16u – 10th Grade – Silver Bracket
Illinois Ballers- Champs
Yander Law – Runner-up

15u -9th Grade 
Meanstreets Anderson -Champs
Howard Pulley -Runner-up

14u – 8th Grade Plantium Bracket 
Howard Pulley – Champs
Minnesota D1 – Runner-up

14u – 8th Grade Gold Bracket 
Team Manimals -Champs
Example Sports – Runner-up

14u- 8th Grade Silver Bracket 
Warkhawks – Champs
Tolson Park – Runner-up

12u – 6th Grade Bracket 
CIA Bounce – Canada – Champs
Mac Irvin Fire – Runner-up

 11u – 5th Grade Bracket
Illinois Rise – Champs
Indiana MVP – Runner-up


Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Recap Day 1 Loaded with College Coaches

The Chicago Summer Jam was the best College Exposure Event in the Midwest. We open the doors with over 177 major college coaches taking the front row seats to evaluate the loaded competition. The Chicago Summer Jam brought in over 100 teams from IN, IL, KY, OH, MI, UT, CO, KS, TN, MD, CA, OR, OK, MD, MO and Canada.

WOW!!! Over 200 college coaches were in attendance!  Below is a list of some of the Head College Coaches that attended not including some of the major conferences represented. We had  the Big Ten, Big East, Horizon League, American Athletic Conference, SWAC, Missouri Valley,  ACC, Patriot League, Atlantic 10, WAC, Summitt League, West Coast, Sun Belt, SEC, Ohio Valley, MEAC, Mid American, Ivy League, Conference USA, Mountain West, Ohio Valley , PAC 12  and Atlantic Sun all in attendance! Check Out Our Photo Gallery for the pictures!
Tom Izzo – Head Coach @ Michigan StateNCAA Highschool Basketball Tournament
Bo Ryan – Head Coach @ University of Wisconsin
Brett Reed, Ph.D – Head Coach @ Lehigh University (PA)
Matt Painter – Head Coach @ Purdue University
Richard Pitino – Head Coach @ Minnesota University
Bill Courtney – Head Coach @ Cornell University
Mark Turgeon Head Coach @ University of Maryland
Porter Moser – Head Coach @ Loyola University
Derek Kellog – Head Coach @ UMass2014 Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Basketball Tournament
Gregory McDermott – Head Coach @ Creighton University
Ray McCallum Head Coach @ University of Detriot
Steve Wojciechowski Head Coach @ Marquette University
Brian Wardle – Head Coach @ Wisconsin Green Bay
Geno Ford – Head Coach @ Bradley University
Mark Montgomery – Head Coach @ Northern Illinois University
Brian Fish – Head Coach @ Montana State
Mke McGrath – Head Coach @ University of Chicago
Mike Young – Head Coach @ Wofford
Brill Grier -Head Coach @ San Diego University
Cy Alexander – North Carolina A&T State UniversityChicagoSummerJammorpic
Dave Richman Head Coach @ NDSU
John Baimes Head Coach @ Elmhurst
Mitch Henderson – Head Coach @ Princeton
Luke Reigel – University of Wisconsin Parkside
Shaun Vandiver – Emporia State
Tracy Dildy – Head Coach @ Chicago State
Matt Nadelhoffer- Head Coach @ Millikin University
Rick Jackson – Head Coach Claflin University
Tom Crean – Head Coach @ Indiana University
Ed Cooley – Head Coach @ New Providence
Craig Snow – Head Coach @ New Mexico
Dave Paulsen – Head Coach @ Bucknell
Additional major universities and colleges  in attendance  were Miami University, Cal Poly, Brown University, Yale University, Princeton University, Iowa University, Iowa State, Ball State, Oregon State, Oregon University, Arkansas Little Rock, St. Louis University,  SIU, University of Southern Indiana, Eastern Michigan, Missouri State, University of South Dakota, Furman University, Western Michigan, Montana, University of Virginia, South Dakota State, Hampton, Witchita State, San Diego University, College of William & Mary, URI, Northern Illinois University, NC State  A & T University , Wake Forrest, Lasalle University, Boston University, University Wisconsin (Madison, Milwaukee & Green Bay), New Providence, Western Illinois, Temple, University of Illinois, University of Detriot Mercy, North Dakota, Bradley University, University of Northern Iowa, Michigan University, Xaiver University, Marquette University, UMass, Loyola University along with major D2, D3, NAIA and Junior colleges.

Nike Spring Showdown Alumni

Nike Spring Showdown Alumni are some Big Names

Here are some big name players that have attended the Nike Spring Showdown. Why would you want to be anywhere else? We have  big name colleges attending our event. If you attended the Nike Spring Showdown and we do not have you listed please let us know. Click Here.

Nike Spring Showdown Alumni anthony davis

Tyler Wideman Wayneblackshear2


Nike Spring
Showdown Alumni
University Alumni Attends
 Anthony Davis  Kentucky University – NBA New Orleans Hornets
 Jabari Parker  Duke University
 Jahlil Okafor  Duke University
 Cliff Alexander  Kansas University
 Tyler Ulis  University of Kentucky
 Paul White   Georgetown
 Victor Law  Northwestern
 Khalil Small     Wisconsin – Green Bay
 Miles Reynolds  St. Louis
 Edwin McGhee   DePaul University
 Jamee Crockett   DePaul University
 Peter Ryckbosch  DePaul University
 Dave Sobolewski  Northwestern University
Nathan Taphorn  Northwestern University
 Devin Davis     University of Indiana
 Zak Irvin    Michigan University
 Zack Norvell   Memphis University
 Quentin Sniders   University of Louisville
 Wayne Blackshear   University of Louisville
 Riley Lachance    Vanderbilt
 Jayquan Mccloud   Murray State
 Maurice Kirby   Virginia Tech
 Mike Latulip  University of Illinois
 Patric Ingram   Iowa
 Jay Simpson  Purdue University
 Ronnie Johnson  Purdue University
 Dorsey Walker   Iowa State
 Darrel Johnson  Kansas State University
 Michael Orris   Kansas State
 Jamal Williams  Texas Tech
 Jamal Dantzler  Texas Pan American
 Daris Paul   Western Michigan
 AJ Avery       Western Michigan
 Sterling Brown  SMU
 Paris Lee    Illinois State
 AJ Hammons   Purdue University
 Sam Thompson    Ohio State
 Trey McDonald   Ohio State
 Donte Thomas     Bradley University
 Tyler Wideman  Butler University
 Ben Richardson   Loyola Chicago
 Noah Knight     UMKC
 Lourawls Nairn  Michigan State
 Fred VanVleet   Wichita State
 Trey Lyes     University of Kentucky
 Edmond Sumner  Xaiver
 Kenny Carpenter    Cleveland State
 Sandy Cohen     Marquette University
 Jae’sean Tate       Ohio State
 Javon Bess  Michigan State
 Shemar Waugh  Ohio Dominican
 Vincent Edwards  Purdue
 Jamari Traylor    University of Kansas
 Kameran Madison   University of Kansas
 Tommy Hamilton IV    Depaul University
 Myke Henry   DePaul University
 DeJuan Marrero   DePaul University
 Milton Doyle   Loyola Chicago
 Tony Nixon   Loyola Chicago
 Tanner Williams    Loyola Chicago
 Jeff White  Loyola Chicago
 London Dokubo  Loyola Chicago
 Drew Crawford  Northwestern University

Do You Want College Exposure? Our Events Bring in the Most College Coaches!

Basketball Coach College Exposure for High School Talent

Do You Want  your basketball skills to be seen by college coaches? Our Events Bring in the Most College Coaches! We want to see you at the following basketball exposure events!

Battle of the Borders – March 1-2, 2014

Basketball skills college exposure through www.baylorbasketball.org
College Coaches at a Baylor event.

All Star Classic College Exposure Event – March 29-30, 2014 (Open to Boys & Girls)

Nike Spring Showdown Certified Event – April 25-27, 2014 (Open to Boys & Girls)

Chicago Summer Jam Certified Event – July 11-13, 2014

D1 Elite Event -Certified Event  July 25-27, 2014




Come and experience the ultimate exposure, competition and well organized events in the Midwest!

Why Baylor Youth’s Events?

Come and experience the ultimate exposure, competition and well organized events in the Midwest! Baylor Youth Foundation host the most competitive  basketball tournaments, leagues and camps in the Midwest.We bring in teams from IN, OH, MI, IA, KS, WI, IL, TN, GA, TX, CA, FL, PA, NJ, CO, DC, MD, NC, KY and OK !


DanMullerIllinoisStateHead_BaylorYouthoptWhy Baylor Youth’s Events?

We have major  division I college coaches that attend our NCAA certified events.
We bring in major universities and colleges including the SEC, Patriot League, Big Ten, The Big East, Conference USA, Big 12, Missouri Valley, Pacific 12, Sun Belt, The Summit League, Ivy League, Missouri Valley, Mountain West, Ohio Valley, Southland, Southwestern Athletic, West Coast Conference, American East Conference, Colonial Athletic Association and the  Atlantic 10 Conference .

ToiBaylorwithTomIzzoatMSU Why Baylor Youth’s Events?

We host events throughout Northwest Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee  and Wisconsin at state of the art venues.

ShermanDillardIowaUniv_opt (1)Why Baylor Youth’s Events?

Our events bring a diverse groups of teams through the midwest and the south. We have assisted placing thousands of student athletes across the country!

Why Baylor Youth’s Events?

Our events have given so many student athletes college exposure and scholarship.


Sign up for our next event!  Go to our tournament page to view our upcoming events.

Recap for the Baylor’s Girls Chicago Elite Exposure NCAA Certified Event

Recap for the Baylor’s Girls Chicago Elite Exposure NCAA Certified Event. We had  over 40 high to mid major universities and college attending the Baylor Girls Exposure Event on September 28-29, 2013 @ the Matteson Community Center in Matteson, Illinois. We had universities representing the  SEC, Big Ten, Big East, Horizon League, WAC, Sun Belt, Ohio Valley, Missouri Valley, Mid-American and  American Athletic conferences. We also had so much talent in the building and many young ladies receiving scholarship offers afterwards. Below is some of the highlighted players.

Girls Chicago Elite Exposure Camp

Baylor Basketbal

# 32 Tinon Hunter– Gary West Side High SchoolTinon_opt

At 5’11, Tinon is a strong even handed post players with the ability to finish after using post moves down low with either hand. She has a big body frame and has good feet that allow her to get good offensive and defensive position and is a monster on the boards. Undersized for her position but makes up for it in tenacious play.


#13 Dejah Joshua– Gary West Side High School

You want to talk about intensity on the court? From her game face to her game play, there is nothing soft about Dejah on the basketball court. Standing 5’8, she by far was the quickest and most dominant defender at the camp. Using her quick feel and quick hands to disrupt her opponent, steals come a dime a dozen for her. Oh yea, she’s not to shabby on the offensive end showing a knack for knocking down 15 foot jumpers and attacking the basket at will.


#4 Michal Miller-Michigan City High School

Michal put on a shooting exhibition this weekend at the camp. She was draining 3 pointers from every angle on the court and displaying a mid range game that had the college coaches nodding their heads in approval. Michal is a 5’9 combo guard with a good handle on the ball and can attack the basket at will. She displays quick feet and is a menace on the defensive end. And to top it off, she plays the game with a smile on her face reminding everyone of exactly what this is…..a game.


#10 Khadaizha Sanders– Bishop McNamara High School

By far the most electrifying and exciting player to watch at the camp, “Kay Kay,” understood the moment and made the best of it. Their isn’t much she cant do on the floor. She has a game beyond her years. Listed at a generous 5’7,  her ball handing skills are immaculate and she has court vision that enables her to see things before they happen. She is a vocal leader on the team who has no problem leading by example with her never say die attitude and hard work. She has a great shooting touch and loves to see her teammates score just as much as herself. Defensively, she isn’t a slouch either, displaying good lateral quickness and good hands.

Lady Meanstreets

#11 Marsha Howard– Crete Monee High School


A monster on the court, Marsha is definitely not someone you want to play against but would love to have as a teammate. A 6’1 forward, she rebounds offensively and defensively like a woman possessed and plays good defense on her opponent. She is extremely aggressive and plays with a high motor. The queen of the pick and roll, Marsha can even put it on the floor and handle the ball like a guard.

#40 Tammy Russell– Morgan Park High School

Strong and mean are the best 2 words that describe 5’10 forward Tammy Russell on the court. She plays extremely well with her back to basket and can turn over either shoulder or reverse pivot and face you up. You are at her mercy down low. She rebounds well and understands her roll on the court. She does exactly what she needs to do and is asked to do.

Lady Spartans

#5 Jenasae Bishop– Ecuea  Middle School

Jenasae is a do everything point guard. Only a eight grader, Ms. Bishop has a game beyond her years. She handles the ball well and makes good decisions with the ball. She has quick feet and good lateral movement. What she lacks in height she makes up for in quickness. She can shoot it from the outside as well as mix it up inside with the bigs.

#23 Daijah Smith– Lighthouse College Prep

Daijah can shoot the basketball. She is a coaches kid. She shoots the ball well and has a nice release on her shot. She is 5’9 and thin. However, looking at her lean frame and long limbs, you can tell she is no where near done growing. And that says a lot because she is already a problem for her defenders who have a hard time contesting her shots because they are so worried about her drive to the basket. The sky is the limit for Ms. Smith.

Minnesota Warriors Elite

#25 Katrina Reeves– Hopkins High School

At 6’, Katrina is a great complimentary guard. She has a strong body and can handle the ball like a point guard. With a shot extending well beyond the high school 3 point line, Ms. Reeves can really fill it up. She is a vocal leader for her Warrior team and is never negative on the court.


#45 Sam Trammel– Eden Prairie High School

Sam is a very skilled big. She can face up with her defender or back them down from the block and use her arsenal of post moves to get her shot off. She rebounds offensively and runs the floor well. A junior in class, Sam is merely scratching the surface of her abilities as a basketball player.

Navy Team 

#31 Lauren Dickerson-Lawrence North High School

This 5’2 point guard is better off being labeled as a scoring guard. Lauren has the ability, despite her small stature, to get to the basket and finish. She is lightning quick and can shoot it from the outside at a above average rate. She is very unselfish with the ball, always looking to get her teammates involved in the game. She is only a sophomore but plays the game like she’s much older than that.

#32 Sydney Huffman– Franklin Central High School


Sydney is a highly effective off guard who can handle the ball and loves to attack the basket. She is very passive and unselfish until her fuse is lit. Once that occurs, the only thing that can stop her is the buzzer at the end of each quarter. She can shoot the ball from outside, penetrate off the dribble and find the open man . This 5’6 guard will be a force to be reckoned with once she realizes she is as good as she wants to be.

Team White 


Brenda Pennington-Bishop Noll High School

When you combine a consistent 3 point shot, ball handling skills, unselfishness, the “want to” to play defense, and being extremely coachable, you get one heck of a ball player and that explains Brenda to a T. She lead a undermanned Camp team to a couple victories and made her opponents account for her whereabouts on the basketball court at the camp.


Naomi House-Bishop Noll High School

Teammates at the camp and teammates at the camp Naomi and Brenda Pennington just flat out play well together. Naomi is the bigger of the guards standing at 5’8. Ms. House can also shoot the ball with consistency and is very athletic. She has a killer crossover that makes her hard to guard and can finish with both hands in the paint. She has quick feet and can guard a variety of positions.



High to Mid Major College Coaches attended the Girls Chicago Elite Exposure NCAA certified team camp

High to Mid Major College Coaches attended the Girls Chicago Elite Exposure team camp. The camp was open to individual players and teams. We had the highest level of guard play in the county and the bigs dominating the boards coast to coast.  The traveling teams and individual players demonstrated collegiate skills/drills that  impressed and sparked the interests of the college coaches.  Many of players stood out. GirlsBaylorCamp1

The Baylor Youth Foundation does it again with another successful event this past weekend.  With over 40 colleges and universities in attendances.The camp was held at the Matteson Community Center in Matteson, Illinois on September 28-29. The Elite Exposure Camp gave these young ladies the highest level of exposure!

These young ladies were provided the opportunity to showcase their talent. Starting the weekend off was Shon Bolden from Living Empowered Sports, who is a professional trainer for Tamika Catchings, George Hill and Marquis Teague who gave a shout out to Baylor Youth on Instagram.  Shon provided the ladies with fundamental drills and advice to prepare them for this event and going to the next level. After the workout session, the 200+ campers went either with their home travel teams or to pre determined camp teams and began game play which consisted of 3-4 round robin games to showcase their talent.

We would like to thank the following universities and colleges for attending our events and look forward to seeing some of these young ladies playing on your campuses! Without you are event would not have been a success!

Some of the colleges and universities that were in attendance. Check out our Facebook and Photo Gallery!


Baylor Youth’s Kyisha Hunt is the first to commit for the 2014 season to UIC

Baylor Youth’s Kyisha Hunt is the first to commit for the 2014 season to University of Illinois Chicago better know as UIC. Kyisha is not only a athletic player  on the basketball court. She dominates in volleyball, too. Kyisha turned down several Division I basketball offers to follow her passion of volleyball.

In the efforts of not letting down Mrs. Baylor, she decided to walk on the basketball court at UIC.  Head Coach Regina Miller  from Illinois University Chicago got a chance to witness Kyisha talent at the  Miller’s Elite Basketball Girls Camp this fall.

Kyisha Hunt Volleyball and Basketball Star Kyisha is truly a high academic achiever with maintaining over a 3.7 grade point average and is in honor classes. She plays school volleyball, track and the Pep Club. She is a true role model to her peers.

Kyisha Hunt obtained a full athletic scholarship along with receiving  two additional years for pre-med course work. WOW!!! Kyisha will be studying to be a Pediatrician at UIC.

She is truly a dedicated, hardworking and a very intelligent young lady that definitely will represent  Baylor Youth in a positive manner. We are  so proud of Kyisha and wish her much success on her new journey! We know that we will be reading about more positive accolades in the near future regarding our Kyisha.



Baylor Girls finished their seasons with over 60 mid to high-major D1 scholarships offers

Baylor Girls finished their seasons with over  60 mid to high-major D1 scholarships offers. The girls displayed their talent and competed very well during the July NCAA live events. The girls are truly grateful and humble while looking forward to visiting and meeting the staff at their potential college and universities.  We have visited over 10 universities and learned a great deal about each unique experiences at these universities. We will be hitting the road again as we will be trying to find the right fit for each player.

We will also like to congratulate all of the 2013 graduates who are currently at their respective colleges and universities.Baylor Youth has placed over 32 student athletes (that we have record) into colleges and universities for the 2013 year. We placed eleven young women into junior college across the country this season. We are looking for big things from these young ladies. We know that these young people will be successful in their new journeys in life and become apart of the  elite group of educated young men and women. Baylor Youth love assisting these student athletes throughout their transformation to higher educations. These young people are playing the sport that they love while obtaining a quality education. As a student athletes these experiences will help them to  develop character, discipline, leadership, confidence and humanity while becoming productive adults.



BYF  looks forward to informing you on the success stories of theses young ladies and young men that represent our program.   Baylor Youth Foundation will be hosting several exposure camps for individuals and teams to participate during the last live period for girls on September 28-29, 2013 and the East vs. West Camp on November 2-3, 2013 for boys. We also will be hosting our winter basketball league as well as our upcoming tournaments. We hope to see you on the court!


Baylor Youth’s Demetrious Floyd landing some big offers

Baylor Youth Does it Again!

The Baylor Youth Boys Basketball 2012 St. Louis team  had some high profile players, like Demetrious Floyd, that prove to be game changers at their current colleges and universities. Demetrious Floyd has established him self as one of those premier players . He is one of  the top recruits coming out of the 2014 Class for NJCAA. As a freshman he was named 1st Team All Conference, 2nd Team All Pan-Handle in additional to  All American Honorable Mentions.  Now  he is going into his sophomore year and has already been  named as a  Pre-season All American.

Demetrious Floyd is named Basketball Pre-Season All American

Demetrious Floyd

Demetrious has  offers from Ole Miss, Florida Gulf Coast,Murray State, Stephen F. Austin,  Coastal Carolina, North Carolina Central, San Francisco University,   Bradley,  SIUe,  Iona, Robert Morris, Illinois State, Missouri State, Memphis, Illinois, Mizzou,  Middle Tennessee, Auburn, Tulsa and Texas Tech.We look to add more offers during his final season at Chipola.


TMT Sportz’s Chicago Summer Jam Class of 2014 Final Results

TMT Sportz’s Chicago Summer Jam was one of the top notch college exposure events held in the Midwest! The atmosphere on Friday night was absolutely crazy!  All courts were filled with wall to wall talent and barn burning performances. The Mac Irvin Fire vs. IBA Select 2014 OT game ended in a back to back long range 3pt that sealed the deal for IBA Select 72-71.IBA Select then went into the battle zone with California I Can All-Stars with streaking by with a 54-53 victory over the Los Angles towering team.

IBA Select 2014 also defeated Mean Streets 59-50 in a very physical and entertaining game. Thornwood’s  6’6 Deonte Thomas wowed the crowd as well as the college coaches with his athletic abilities and strong presence in the back court.


The 6’9 Sean Omara from Benet Academy assisted his teams with blocks, rebounding and points. Teammate Eddie Miles was no slouch on  the court at all. His athletic performance turned quite a few heads of the college coaches this weekend. IBA Selects’s Jontrell Walker, West Aurora  would steal the show with his impressive reigning of 3’s the entire weekend including the one that stunned the Mac Irvin Fire team who thought they had won with less than .02 seconds on the clock.


The 2014  St. Louis Eagles dominated their pool going 3-0 until their defeat to Mac Irvin Fire on Sunday morning in the  consolation game. 6’9, Ikenna Okwarabizie made the rims shake with his powerful dunks and towering rebounds. Cliff Alexander proved why he the #2 Ranked Player in the country. He  gave an outstanding performance knocking down the mid-range shot, dunking with ease and blocking shots to the next court.  I never seen a athletic versatile young man that is so light on his feet. He validated  why he is all over  the scouting pages including ESPN Recruiting Nation Basketball poll rankings.



Other 2014 teams that stood out was Illinois Xpress, Southbend Breakers, Mean Streets Ross and Illinois Ambush all dominated their pools by going 3-0.  A game changer was floor general Zerell Jackson,6’0 from Bloom HS who lead his team to some close and not so close games. The Friday night defeat against the South Bend breakers definitely reveals why the Illinois Xpress Elite should not be over looked in this 2014 juniors -seniors to be holding down a spot in the top playing teams in Chi-town.

With over 100 college coaches attending the event! Hands down this was one of the best events in town. We would like to thank all the talented young men that entertained us with their outstanding performance, traveling coaches, scouting services and colleges coaches that made this a successful event! See you next year !









2015 Class Results at the Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event

TMT Sportz Chicago Summer Jam
TMT Sportz Chicago Summer Jam

The 2015 Class did not fall short at all with hundreds of young men showing off their talent  at the Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event.  They just dominated  the court!  The King James team wowed the crowds with their athletic adrenaline  and fancy dunks and no look passes. But had to leave the event early but left with a  remarkable 4-0  record.  Vincent King, 6’5, AJ Harris, 5’10 (who committed to Ohio State) and Luke Kennard, 6’5  have highlight videos thatwhere created from our event by several scouting agencies. You may view them on our website at www.baylorbasketball.org.

Some other players that stood out where freshman Jayson Tatum. 6’7, who plays up for  the St. Louis Eagles. Jayson is remarkable because he can play all five positions on the floor. He  is a member of the USA basketball team. Jayson stood out at TMT Sportz’s  Chicago Summer Jam and the Nike Spring Showdown.

TMT Sportz Chicago Summer Jam
TMT Sportz Chicago Summer Jam

Big Man Jason Malonga, 6’8, 225 pounds  (Illinois Celtics) is an awesome rebounder with soft hands and a great touch around the rim. Another player that stood out from the Illinois Celtics program was a strong guard who attacks the rim every time was Devon Sams, 6’0  who did not show off his shooting ability because he quoted ” they gotta stop me from going to the basket first.

TMT Sportz Chicago Summer Jam
TMT Sportz Chicago Summer Jambasket first”.

Mac Irvin’s Ed Morrow, 6’6 athletic forward who displayed workmanship like a workhorse and Kain Harris, 6’4  who is a well  rounded player with above average vertical which gives him the ability to play well above the rim.

Below are the 2015 Championship Results from the Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event

10th Grade Platinum Brackets

The final four was Team Progeny, St. Louis Eagles, Mac Irvin & Meanstreets.

Champs: St. Louis Eagles

Runner up: Mac Irvin


10th Grade Gold Bracket

The final four Peoria Heat, Illinois Celtics, Illinois Ambush Blue, Example Sports

Champs: Peoria Heat

Runner up: Example Sports


Congratulations to all the teams because they are all winners! Hundreds of young men received athletic scholarships from our Chicago Summer Jam NCAA certified event. See you next year!


Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Recap Day 1

The Chicago Summer Jam was  held  on July 19th-21st and was formally known as the D1 Elite Event.  This is the annual event that has given many scholarship opportunities to student athletes in the midwest and nationwide.

It was 73 degrees outside but inside the gym of the Highland Lincoln Center it was scorching hot.  We had college coaches in attendance including: Duke, North Carolina, Kansas University, Cal Poly, LSU, Ohio State, UMass, DePaul, Oregon State, South Dakota, Eastern Kentucky, Valpo, Butler, Creighton and UIC.  These are just a few on the long list of major colleges and universities!  Also teams from California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri came to leave their mark.

Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Recap Day 1: The Basketball College Coaches

There were over 100 college coaches including head coaches. To name just a few, we had:

  • Tom Izzo from Michigan State.Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Recap Day 1
  • John Beilein from University of Michigan.
  • Oliver Purnell rom Depaul University
  • Gene Ford, Bradley University.
  • Porter Moser, Loyola University.
  • Tracey Didly, Chicago State University.
  • Lennox Forrester, SIUe.
  • Mark Montgomery, NIU.


Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Recap Day 1: The Basketball Scouts

Large crowds and major scouting services were in attendance.  Scouts included:

  • Scouts.com
  • Hard Hoops News
  • NGS Slam Magazine
  • City/Suburbans Hoop
  • Indiana Basketball Recruits
  • Michigan Prep Stars
  • Buzzer Beaters
  • National Scouting Report
  • Fox Sports Next
  • Hoops 24/7 and
  • Ballislife just to name a few.

Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Recap Day 1: The Basketball Talent

We had some of the elite players showing off their talent including players from the top 100 of every graduating class. Some of the  top recruits included

  • Cliff Alexander
  • Sean Omara
  • Jaylen Tatum
  • VJ King
  • Deonte Thomas
  • Tyler Wideman
  • Kain Harris
  • Jordan Dallas
  • Tyler Uyles

The Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event event recap day 1:  it was a huge success scorching with talent and college exposure.

Baylor Youth Foundation earns Mariah Jordan a scholarship to Pensacola State College

Baylor Youth Foundation earns Mariah Jordan a scholarship to Pensacola State College

Mariah Jordan a scholarship to Pensacola State College

Baylor Youth Foundation would like to congratulate Mariah Jordan.  She has signed her letter of intent to Pensacola State College in Florida. Mariah is a 6’2 dominating post player with remarkable post moves.  Jordan was a D1 transfer from Texas Corpus Christi. Mariah turned down  over 15 offers from various junior colleges from Florida, Texas, Mississipi, Kansas, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana.   Mariah is on her new journey in life and BYF wishes her much success and knows that she will be a big impact on her new college program.