Tyler Gutierrez earned Player of the Week

TylerGutierrezBaylorLeagueTyler Gutierrez earned Player of the Week. Going into the second week of the Baylor Winter Basketball League, we have had  some phenomenal players that have graced our floors. We look for the most outstanding players through the league. Tyler led his team to victory over the Chicago Tigers this past weekend with scoring 18 pts. and over 10 rebounds.

How many 4th graders do you know are average double doubles in a league play? Well, we know Tyler.

We would like to congratulate the team and Tyler for a successful week. Good Luck Next Week! We will be watching!


Week Two of the Baylor’s Winter Basketball League

Week Two of the Baylor’s Winter Basketball League started out with a Blast! The League teams in addition to the visiting teams brought in a competitive and excitement atmosphere.   Two of the feature teams this weekend were the Steger Wildcat’s Basketball and Chicago Tigers. Both teams were comprised of kindergartens, first, second and a couple of third graders with each team having 1 fourth grade player on their teams which made the teams eligible to play in the fourth grade division. It is so fun to watch these little guys go! The final score was 17-18 with Steger taking the victory. Some more headliner 4th grade teams were the Little Boilers who are currently 4-0 and the Panther Black who is also currently 4-0.ChicagoTigersthreefourBayloryouth


The Shot Callers, Munster Red and Chicago Select represented our winter league defeating the visiting teams. The Shot Callers went 2-0 against Team Evolution (58-22) and Indiana MVP. Munster Red (41-35) also went 2-0 against the same teams. Jr. Varsity went 2-0 both weekends.  6th grade Panther Black is still undefeated with a 3-0 record in pool ranking.  Steger Basketball 7th grade team who also has a 2-0 record. Chicago Select beat the Iowa Barnstormers 53-40. Iowa Barnstomers is a poised and highly skill program that have been attending the Baylor Events for several years. Teams need to take notice because they are the best because they play the best competition. It is all about getting your kids better! See you on the court! The league starts back up on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 8am.

Another Successful Baylor Youth Basketball League

It was freezing cold outside but it was sizzling hot with talent at the 10th Annual Winter Basketball League at the Highland Lincoln Center on January 11, 2015. It was endless talent walking through the doors. All the teams were impressive, strong and skilled. We brought in the most elite teams throughout Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area and our league is represented by the most talented players in the region.  We accommodate A and B level teams. We are looking forward to week two!

Week #2 Winter Basketball League

Week #2 weather did not stop some of the teams from coming in making a grand appearance.  The overtime game against the 5th Scholars vs. Region Elite had the crowd roaring. The Illinois Fast Break vs. Meanstreet lived up to the expectations. Many of the younger teams had to play up against the older teams and did an exceptional job. Good Luck in Week #3. Here are league results:

2014 week 2 winter league results



2013-14 Fall -Winter Basketball League

Baylor Basketball Winter leagueCome and play in the most competitive winter basketball league in the Midwest. Baylor Basketball has been hosting it’s league for over 10 years strong.

The league is open to all traveling, AAU, school or recreational basketball teams.

We have a flexible schedule with games played only on Sunday mid-morning to afternoons. Play 2-3 basketball games on the weekend.

It is a 10 game league which includes a double elimination championship tournament. Championship event includes 1st & 2nd place trophies with individual medals.

D1 and D2 divisions will be created with eight teams or more. Teams may request additional games against higher grade divisions.


Winter League Basketball Schedule Games:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

League Championship/End of the Year Tournament*


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MWSB Grassroots Program

Michael White  is an extraordinary coach with more than eleven years of
grassroots basketball experience along with coaching at  De La Salle
Institute high school for six years. Michael established the MWSB Grassroots Program.
Mike believes in motivating his student athletes and teaching them the basic fundamentals.
Mike stated that “by teaching his players to keep a positive attitude and learn the
fundamentals will help them earn the respect from their peers and other
players”, MWSB motto is to take the crumbs and turn them into nuggets.IMG_2091

Mike has always been  an upbeat and upstanding guy that has had the
kids best interest. I have witnessed Mike’s smooth, calm and direct
coaching style. He teaches from the time they warm up to the end of the
game. He brings in a diverse group of young men from various
backgrounds and environments, and just TEACH! MWSB grassroots program
is comprised of grade school to high school.

Some of MWSB’s key players in the Baylor’s Holiday Tournament were his
two 8th towering bigs 6’5, Frederick Ziemianin, shot blocker
and rebounder and David Hunt,6’4 scoring athletic big man.

Winter Ball Fest Event

The Winter Ball Fest started and ending with a blast. The event was open to all league, traveling and AAU teams. Below are the tournament results:



5th Grade Indiana MVP
6th Grade Li Ning Buckeye’s
7th Grade  Li Ning Buckeye’s
8th Grade Steger Basketball

Runners Up

5th Grade Boilingbrook Magic
6th Grade Jaguars
7th Grade Memorial Wildcats
8th Grade Li Ning Buckeyes

Recap of the 8th Annual Holiday Tournment

The 8th Annual Holiday Tournament was held on December 8-9, 2012 at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Traditionally, we have held this event in Northwest Indiana. But after visiting the campus of the University of Illinois, we wanted every team to experience the university’s beautiful scenery and state of the art facility.MDHoops7thgirlschamp

The holiday event was a thrill from the beginning to the end. We had some extremely talented players that represented their programs very well.  The Illinois Speed program walked away with 1 gold and 2 silver winners. The newcomers that capture the number #1 spots were the Iowa Barnstormers, Hoops4Health,  Illinois Wildcats, St. Louis MDHoops, Gym Rats and LBC. Hoops4Health really stood out by beating their
opponents between 65-20 points, yikes!

The Holiday Event was a trill from the beginning to the end. We had some extremely talented players that represented their programs very well.  The Illinois Speed program walked away with 1 gold and 2 silver winners. The newcomers that capture the number 1# spots were the Iowa Barnstormers, Hoops4Health,  Illinois Wildcats, St. Louis MD Hoops, Gym Rats and LBC. Hoops4Health really stood out by beating their opponents between 65-20 points, yikes!

The runner ups that made their presents known were the CU All Stars,Wisconsin Playground Elite, Lafayette Bluechip, Illinois Speed, LBC and Iowa Showtime. These were very competitive teams that fought down to the end.

The Battle Cats came in and defended their title of winning the holiday tournament  two years in the row. The Battle Cats are an aggressive, energetic, and


a well skilled young team. They captured the 4th & 5th grade championships. The ironic part is that both teams blew past the teams in pool and semi finals by 20 or more points.

We had many excellent programs that were eliminated by 1 to 2 point games or earlier in the semi-finals (Peoria Soldiers, Steger, Danville Elite, DV Hoopstars, Effinghman, Perkin Union and Peoria Elite) that I know will be back at our Battle of the Borders to go for the gold. We will have elite programs from Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio,  and Tennessee only to name a few states that will be in attendance on March 2.

Thanks for your support!