East vs. West Alumni Marvin Bagley Receives Scholarship Offers

Marvin Bagley

WACG Marvin Bagley Receives Several Scholarship Offers! Incredible! The 6’8 foot, 7th grader is getting endless attention Nationally.  Marvin participated in our East vs. West All Star Qualifying Camp in Chicago. Marvin has been featured on various media outlets (including Rivals) and even has a mix tapes.  Marvin Bagley, III who just recently was offered several D1 scholarships including Arizona State, University of San Francisco and Northern Arizona.

Mavin is just one of the top players on the WACG All Star traveling team. WACG has over 10 young ment that have proven to be some of the  top D1 prospects for the 2018 class. We are proud to have these young talented men participate at our East vs. West Camp. And we will keep you posted with some of our talented alumni and future athletes!



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