Nakiyah is headed to Texas


It is not how you start the race. It is how you finish it. Nakiyah Callon has been apart Baylor Youth Foundation since the 8th grade. We often made jokes on how she was so tough and fearless as young lady.

Nakiyah had some life changing obstacles and lost her grandmother that really took a toll on her personally. She went through a phase trying to determine if she wanted to continue her basketball career. With the love from her mom, family and BYF family we got her through!

Nakiyah had a successful summer season and impacted to the City & Illinois State Championship with two big victories. She started at CVS with our Coach Perkins and later transfer to Simeon High School. I am looking for her to continue the success and tradition that we have instilled in her through these five years.

She now will be learning from Coach Q at Odessa College in Texas. We are sending you off with blessing and prayer as you shape your new future.