Once the Ball Stops Bouncing


Often times, many athletes dream of playing professional basketball after they graduate from college. We celebrate those athletes that make it overseas, NBA and the WNBA. But, in reality majority of student athletes move onto a professional career/workforce after the ball stop bouncing. Baylor Youth Foundation has hundreds of alumni that have taken that approach. We would like to spotlight one of our own Sydney Taylor.

Sydney joined our program in the spring of 2015. Being 6 foot tall, she immediately made an impact our Baylor Basketball traveling team. She was indecisive if she wanted to continue her career in basketball. I had to do some serious convincing her and her mom on the ideal of attending an HBCU. I thought it would be perfect for Sydney who had already taken accelerated and AP courses at Crown Point High School and finished with a 4.5 GPA.

Sydney begin her new chapter in life when she entered Howard University. Maintaining the dean list for three straight years in a row with a 3.9/4.0 GPA. She explored many organizations, mentorships, scholar programs, volunteering and served as an athletic academic tutor. She participated with the NYC Wall Street, the Selma March in Alabama and went on an African Safari. She completed internships with JP Morgan Corporate & Investment Banking Conference, Goldman Sachs and the Greenwood Project.

We are proud to announce that Sydney will be graduating this year with a BA in Economics, French & Business Administration. She will also be stepping in a new career with the management team at Goldman Sachs . We look forward to Sydney coming back home and giving back to our student athletes at Baylor Youth Foundation.

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