Coach’s Player Profile Packet

Pay Now, Pick up at the Event - SKIP THE LINE

Purchase your coach's packet online and you get to SKIP THE LINE at the event.

No waiting in line. You get to walk right up, passing the line of coaches that wait to buy the player profiles at the event. Just pick up your packet at the table. Simple.You will get every profile, put into your hand when you arrive. 

Start watching games faster as soon as you arrive. Get the better seats, too.

Follow the link to the correct Coaches Packet, from the Event Page that you will attend.

Information in the Player Profile Packet

The information in the packet is confidential. Only official coaches are allowed to purchase this information and receive it at the event. Coaches must have NCAA Registration.

Our packets are very well formatted tables of player profiles with easy to read rows in alternating colors. We ask the team coaches to provide the Player's jersey number, name, height, birth date, graduation projected year, high school, position, home address and phone number.