NCAA Certified Events

Baylor Hosts NCAA Certified Events

NCAA Certified Events are the only official, approved and regulated way to get young athletes in front of college coaches. They come to watch possible recruits.  

Often talent scouts, ESPN and NBA trainers and stars are there, too. Baylor Basketball Tournaments always meet all the guidelines for NCAA Certification in all the divisions for the events it hosts.

NCAA Certified Events hosted by Baylor Basketball


If you are a coach looking to get your team in the NCAA certified event circuit to play against the best talent in the nation, then you are in the right place.  Your students will have the time of their lives.  They travel, they play, they get seen and learn that some dreams can come true with dedication and hard work.

Our NCAA certified events are the best in the midwest. We consistently attract top talent and therefore the top college coaches.


If you are a college coach that wants to see some amazing talent visit our recruiting section of this website.  We are proud of the academic success and mind blowing hard work our gifted players demonstrate. 

You can skip the line by purchasing your Coach Packet that contains every player profile online. When you arrive just come up to the table!

Only for 2 Months a Year!

April and July are the months of magic.  While coaches can't talk to the players or their families, the