George Conditt: Nike Indy Live – Day 2

GeorgeCondittNikeIndyLiveGeorge Conditt 6’10 2018 PF Corliss/RWA
Conditt was outstanding in the first game of the 2017 Nike Indy Live finishing with a triple double. Long and lanky 4 man who has just recently emerged on the radar but has HM upside. Showed tremendous rim-protecting potential as he blocked a ton of shots and altered many more. Smooth athlete that gets up and down the floor with ease. He isn’t the most explosive athlete but he can definitely get up. Working on getting stronger around the hoop, but is a crafty finisher. Had 2 big fastbreak dunks. He stepped outside to knock down a step-back 3. Had 21 points, 10 rebounds, 10 blocks. MM+ HM prospect.

Lorenzo Ferrell: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 3

 LorenzoFerrellNikeSpringShowdownLorenzo Ferrell 6’4 SG 2018 Rutherford (FL)/Georgia Trendsetters

Hands down the best shooter at Nike spring showdown Ferrell had a great showing offensively. Sound mechanics with a quick release were key for this deadeye from outside the arc. Didn’t show much besides his shooting ability, but man can he shoot. Pull-ups, step-backs, catch-and-shoot from both mid-range and beyond the arc. Needs to be more engaged on the defensive end. 

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Jack Ellison: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 3

JackEllisonNikeSpringShowdownBaylorJack Ellison 6’5 SF 2018 Chicago Christian/Illinois Fastbreak

Ellison is making the transition from interior player to wing. The biggest improvement in his game has been his handles. They aren’t quite there yet but he has shown significant improvement with them. Underrated athlete that battles. Sound perimeter defender with solid lateral movement. Vocal leader on the court. Capable of exploding for a big block or jam. Jump shot is a work in progress. 

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Morgan Taylor: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 3

MorganTaylorNikeSpringshowdownBaylorMorgan Taylor 6’2 PG 2018 Marist/Illinois Fastbreak

Morgan had a good weekend and continues to prove himself. Taylor is a next-level performer when he is playing at his best. Strong guard with a particularly strong lower body is a hard, straight-line driver. Gets to the rim at ease and finishes well at the cup. Streaky shooter without great shot form, but can get hot from deep. Good understanding of the game and how to run an offense. Holds his own defensively and loves to jump the passing lane. Very tuff kid and a winner.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Taevion Kinsey: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 3

TaevionKinseyNikeSpringShowdownBaylorTaevion Kinsey 6’4 SG 2018 Eastmoor Academy (OH)/ISG-Hidden Gems

Kinsey is a lanky and rangy wing out of Ohio. Has pogo-stick like bounce off the floor. Had a few very impressive dunks. Active defender, covers a lot of ground. Crisp passer, especially good at one-hand outlet passes. Slick ball handler, doesn’t get flustered or rattled. Lethal first step. Carries himself with a sort of self-confident but not arrogant demeanor. Low major to mids should get involved.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Lacey Watson: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 3

LaceyWatsonNikeSpringShowdownBaylorLacey Watson 6’5 SG 2018 Whitehall-Yearling (OH)/EBC

Lacey Watson may have had the best weekend overall of anyone in attendance at the 2017 Nike Spring Showdown. Watson is a big game baller that had his best showing in a close overtime loss against the Hoopers 17u. He rose to the occasion and hit two quick, deep threes. He has dynamic handles and was making defenders look silly. Used those handles and his IQ to get shots off whenever he wanted against whoever was guarding him. Flashy passer with excellent court vision. Plus rebounder for his position. Had 32 points, 12 rebounds in the loss. Mid Majors should be all over him.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Ray Sean Taylor: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 2

Ray'SeanTaylorNikespringshowdownBaylorRay’Sean Taylor 5’11 PG 2020 Collinsville/Gateway

Taylor is a virtually unknown guard out of Collinsville, but that is soon to change. Taylor has a very smooth game and everything he does just looks easy and natural. Hardly any defender can stay in front of him when he has the ball. Glides to the hoop and has good elevation off the floor. Crisp passer. Most of his points come off drives and transition buckets. Deadly when given space to work in the open floor. Potential D1 prospect.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Bryce Kelly: Nike Spring Showdown- Day 2

BryceKellyNikeSpringShowdownBaylorBryce Kelly 6’6 PF 2019 Sandy Valley (OH)/Trinity Dream Center

The 6’6 Kelly out of Ohio impressed in his game vs. the St. Louis BearCats. Already has the body of a man. Strong PF that can also play the 5. Very strong going to the hoop. Gets his buckets off junk points around the baskets as well as cuts to the rim. Steady rebounder. Gets off the ground quick for putback flushes. Definitely a name to watch for out of Ohio.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Tyler Cochran: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 2

TylerCochranNikeSpringBaylorTyler Cochran 6’2 SG 2019 Bolingbrook/Hoopers

Cochran’s contributions to the game often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. But believe me, he has his fingerprints all over the game. He played in 5 games on Saturday between the 16u and 17u levels and looked just as fresh in game 5 as he did game 1. Does all the little things well. Uses his size to rebound, can knock down the occasional three, stuffs the stat sheet. Most impressive aspect of his game is his ability to create turnovers. Excellent on-ball defender with a plus wingspan. Solid play throughout the weekend. If he keeps playing at this rate throughout the summer and maybe grows a bit his climate could change big time.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Zion Griffin: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 2


ZionGriffinNikeSpringBaylorZion Griffin 6’6 SF 2018 Hinsdale South/Hoopers

Coaches have been hearing the buzz about this kid and wanted to know was he legit, well they got their answer indeed. Viewed as a C with his high school team, Griffin had his coming out party as a SF to start his weekend. Showed excellent mobility on the perimeter along with his newly improved handles. The lefty was unstoppable driving to the rim. Finishes above and through contact. Drilled a few threes off the catch. Has great lift off the floor that allows him to be an excellent rim protector. Had a few monster blocks as well as a few monster dunks. Had 19 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks in his first game. 

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

DeAndre Heckard: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 2

DeAndreHeckardNikeSpringBaylorDeAndre Heckard 6’2 PG 2018 Romeoville/Hoops4Health

This kid had a nice year at school and created a decent buzz for himself. College coaches wanted to see what the young man would bring to the table and young fella didn’t disappoint. Heckard started off Day 2 of the Nike Spring Showdown strong. The competition looked completely outmatched when going up against the strong, broad-shouldered 6’2 guard. Heckard was forcing on-ball turnovers as well as jumping the passing lanes to jumpstart his team’s transition offense. Strong slashing guard that was finishing well through contact. Pulled out a nice-looking pull-up jumper and catch-and-shoot 3 to help add to his scoring total. Had 14 points, 7 rebounds in a blowout win. 

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Zaire Wade: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 1

ZaireWadeNikeSpringShowdownBaylorZaire Wade 6’1 2020
Mount Carmel/Wade Elite 16u
The anticipation to see Zaire this spring was high even tho we seen him early in the year at school on the freshman level. One word comes to mind “Genes” because I actually witnessed the growth of his father “D Wade”. Zaire is very similar in structure and already has more flare at this age than his dad. He looked very comfortable running the show on opening night for his 16u squad that boast talented bigs. He was good at getting his team the ball in their spots and showcased his ability to set up plays and be vocal.
Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Jayden Locket: Nike Spring Showdown

Jayden Lockett 6’2 2018
East Nashville High/Nashville Stars
This kid came to play on opening night. From the tip-off his motor was set on go. Jayden is a long armed guard that gets out in transition and goes hard to the bucket. He has very nice court vision as he found teammates for easy baskets numerous times. He was all over the floor at one stretch in the game as he impressed some college coaches with his tenacious gameplay. We wanted to see him lock in a bit more on the defensive end but overall he was solid.
 Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Davion Bradford: Nike spring showdown – Day 1

DavionBradfordNikeSpringShowdownBaylorDavion Bradford 6’10 C 2020
CBC/Brad Beal Elite 15u
This kid is long and active and had a few BIG TIME moments on the floor opening night. He moves very well for a young big and has decent footwork down in the paint. He is a major problem at this level defensively and had players thinking twice about challenging him. The big fella had a kid try him at the rim and this was no David vs Goliath ending, Goliath most definitely won as Davion put the kid on a poster and got the tic tac tech call for staring him down after. Overall young fella was very impresive and easy to see why he is currently ranked #39 in the country and #1 in Missouri.
 Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Terrance Hargrove: Nike Spring Showdown – Day 1

terrencehargroveTerrance Hargrove 6’6 SF 2019

East St. Louis/Illinois Hoopville Warriors

It was clear that Hargrove was the best prospect in the building. A top 5 prospect in the class, Currently ranked #3 Hargrove had a very productive night to open the 2017 Baylor Nike Spring Showdown. Very athletic forward that has improved his handles immensely and that showed during transition runs. Threw down some thunderous and commanding dunks in transition. He creates his own buckets also rebounds and snatches them with force. Shot blocker that goes after every shot attempt. Mid-range is decent but 3-point game is still in development but he has a very nice looking stroke. Finished with 14 points, 3 rebounds, 5 blocks in a win. After watching this kid last spring till now I can see major work has been put in. That is the main reason he had a huge year at school and seems to only want to get better. Already a high major talent if Hargrove gets a couple more inches it could be very scary.

Derek Ellison- Director of Scouting
Seth Pote- Contributing Editor/Scout

Chicago Summer Jam NCAA Certified Event Finale

The Chicago Summer Jam ended with a BANG!!! Staring at 8am on Sunday morning. Returning and new college coaches walked through the door to check out the semi and final championship. Here are the Results:

17u – 11th Grade 
Mac Irvin Fire – Champs
Howard Pulley – Runner-up

16u – 10th Grade – Plantium Bracket
Mean Streets – Champs
Michigan Playmakers – Runner-up

16u – 10th Grade – Gold Bracket
Mac Irvin Fire – Champs
D1 Manitoba/The Academy -Canada – Runner-up

16u – 10th Grade – Silver Bracket
Illinois Ballers- Champs
Yander Law – Runner-up

15u -9th Grade 
Meanstreets Anderson -Champs
Howard Pulley -Runner-up

14u – 8th Grade Plantium Bracket 
Howard Pulley – Champs
Minnesota D1 – Runner-up

14u – 8th Grade Gold Bracket 
Team Manimals -Champs
Example Sports – Runner-up

14u- 8th Grade Silver Bracket 
Warkhawks – Champs
Tolson Park – Runner-up

12u – 6th Grade Bracket 
CIA Bounce – Canada – Champs
Mac Irvin Fire – Runner-up

 11u – 5th Grade Bracket
Illinois Rise – Champs
Indiana MVP – Runner-up